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Dog Collar (1 Inch Wide)

Dog Collar (1 Inch Wide)

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Each collar is handmade using high quality english bridle leather and the highest quality hardware possible so that they will last the lifetime of your dog. 

Design Details

Every element of the collar was designed intentionally to make the longest lasting, highest quality, best looking leather dog collar possible.

English Bridle Leather from Wicket and Craig - English bridle leather is incredibly strong and used for equestrian gear. It is smooth and very elegant looking with very little grain showing. The leather used for our collars is the second highest thickness possible in full grain cowhide leather (10-12 ounces). The quality of the bridle leather ensures a long-lasting patina finish that improves with time, making it an heirloom-quality product that will last for the life of your dog.

Leather color - right now we only offer Chestnut. It is a beautiful color that is darker than tan, lighter than brown, but with rich reds and oranges like whisky or cigar (colorado) colors. 

Stainless hardware - The buckle and D-ring are both solid stainless steel and will not tarnish or rust. We use a long D-ring to enable easy connection of a lead.

Copper rivets - Our collars use full copper rivets for the fastening the leather to hold the buckle and D-ring. There are many ways to fasten leather but each has different strengths. We choose to use copper rivets to ensure they never come undone. These are near permanent fixtures and will last the lifetime of a dog. Each are hand fastened which allows confirmation they are securely locked. Many other collars use quick set rivets which can and do fail unexpectedly. 

Holes - each collar will come with 3 holes. More can be added upon request or by any leather worker. 

Handcrafted Process

Every collar is hand crafted using simple tools and natural material making every single one unique. Each piece of leather has slight nuance and natural variation. The way each rivet is hand flattened and secured results in facets that make no two alike. Finally, the leather is hand burnished and waxed which gives it another level of distinction and uniqueness. 

Step 1: The leather is hand beveled (front and back) to round the edges and help them have a smooth patina and not cut into your dog's neck. 

Step 2: The leather edges are then hand burnished for smooth, durable finish that brings out the color of the face of the leather while keeping a hand finished natural edge look.

Step 3: After preparing the leather, it is then hand cut with punches for each hole and the buckle.

Step 4: Then the stainless steel buckle is added and secured with the first of two copper rivets.

Step 5: The stainless D-ring is secured between the first rivet and the second. 

Step 6: The buckle 3 holes are punched to length (with the middle hole matching the ordered length)

Step 7: the entire collar is hand polished with natural bee's wax to provide protection and bring out the rich color of the leather. 

Note on Rivets:
We use solid post copper rivets because they will never fail and they can be visually checked to ensure they are set properly. Once set, the leather will fail before a rivet will fail. They are mechanically fastened by peening the rivet over the washer. When crafting the collars if we make a mistake, the only way to remove a rivet is to drill it out. 

Sizing and Measurement

This is our 1 inch wide leather and is great for medium to large dogs. Each will come with three holes. The length you order will be to the middle hole. 

How to measure:

  • Use a tape measure to measure your dog's neck with enough room for two fingers to fit under the tape measure then add 1/2 inch to your measurement (the leather is thick and the inner circumference is shorter when not straight)
  • Measure an existing collar from the end of the buckle to the hole used (or end to end with plastic pinch buckles.
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